Sports Betting For Maryland Residents

Sports betting for Maryland residents has become the talk of the town considering the current changes in the industry. Maryland joined the growing list of states with regulated sportsbook and while football fans once had to travel to find Baltimore Ravens betting lines, state-sponsored sports betting became active in 2021. In a state that already has licensed casinos, it was an easy decision. But there is an alternate option that’s been around for decades. Online sportsbooks continue to accept Maryland residents for sports betting. We’ve even gone ahead and reviewed some of the internet’s best racebooks as well so that horse racing lovers will know exactly where they can find Triple Crown betting in Maryland. After you’re done reading you should feel well equipped to be able to bet with confidence knowing that your wagers are legal, safe, and done so through the most trusted betting sites in the world.

Best Maryland Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Maryland Residents

There are plenty of betting sites open to Maryland residents, and we have personally tested each of these sites in order to figure out where we can start placing wagers. Each of these sites come with high reputations, total integrity and more than a handful of different betting options.

If you play with the options we have found, you will simply have to worry about what deposit method you want to use and where you want to lay your odds. Either way, we promise that you will not have to deal with any nonsense or red-tape. All of these sites are based offshore, but once the state-licensed Maryland sportsbooks are available we will add additional reviews!

BetOnline - Features Earliest Weekly NFL Betting Lines

BetOnline SportsbookOk Maryland sports fans, the answer you have been looking for as far as which online sportsbook you should go with has been discovered...BetOnline's sportsbook provides the opportunity to place a bet on thousands of different lines formed. Best of all, it's legal to do, and all residents from Maryland are welcome to sign up.

Get in on the action today by creating an account. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and then you will be able to deposit funds into it to play for actual cash. Safe and quick deposit methods are found at BetOnline for Maryland residents. This includes Visa and American Express cards... but it's not just credit cards, but debit and prepaid versions of these cards too. Other ways include a Western Union wire transfer, and a MoneyGram to get money to the BetOnline cashier fast. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also increasing in popularity, and offer the fastest and most reliable sportsbook deposits.

SportsBetting - Credit + Debit Works Great For MD Users

SportsBetting SportsbookThose who choose this sportsbook will find quality features across the board when betting at, and it's also a sports betting site that allows Maryland players to sign up for an account and legally place wagers on any of the betting lines available at this sportsbook. The minimum age to bet on sports at SportsBetting is 18 as set by the site's terms and conditions, but for Maryland players, the "legal" age to join is technically 21 years old.

One of the most notable features of include a great live betting section on site, where games in action can be bet as they are happening. This is one of the fastest growing sections of the sportsbook, and a section that many are excited about. To get the word out about their live betting section, is offering $25 worth of free play if your first live wager doesn’t result in a winner.

What Cities In Maryland Have A Sportsbook?

With six casinos throughout the 11 counties in MD, there were plenty of places to start when it came to launching retail sportsbooks in Maryland. The MGM Grand National Harbor is the state’s newest casino and was the first to launch a legal retail Maryland sportsbook. Baltimore sportsbooks include the Horseshoe Casino, which is the second largest casino in Maryland. In addition, Ocean Downs Casino and Hollywood Casino have opened sportsbooks as well, with the Hollywood Casino bringing sportsbooks to Perryville.

Sportsbooks in Baltimore
Sportsbooks in Berlin
Sportsbooks in Hanover
Sportsbooks in Oxon Hill
Sportsbooks in Perryville

Is Sports Betting Legal in Maryland?

Maryland has legalized land-based sports betting and state-regulated online sportsbooks. That being said, they have not yet launched any regulated online options. HB 940, the bill that regulated sports betting in Maryland, passed in the 2021 legislative session. The bill, proposed by Rep. Adrienne Jones and laid out by the Ways and Means Committee, authorized sports wagering license holders to accept wagers on sporting events. The bill granted licenses to dozens of retail locations, with eight designated for gambling operations at casinos already operating. You can always use online overseas-based websites as those sites don’t violate any state or federal laws. There are no laws in Maryland preventing you from using sportsbooks and are still available.

Teams To Bet On In Maryland

Baltimore Ravens Betting Lines
Maryland Terrapins Betting Lines
Navy Betting Lines

Maryland Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Maryland residents are not subject to any laws specifically about sports gambling in the state of Maryland. We have looked through Maryland's state laws, section 12-10x in order to figure out whether or not our readers can be penalized for gambling online. We have come to the conclusion that it is legal for you to play under the pretense that there is nothing written specifically banning online gambling, and you can therefore not be penalized under a law that just doesn't exist.

On the federal level, you are also not under the liability of the law. You will be able to bet without fear of the law that shook up the gambling industry in 2006 - the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This was only meant to block financial transactions from taking place, but it has nothing to do with the player. Feel free to participate without having to worry about being criminalized. The Wire Act of 1961 is another federal law that does not focus on sports bettors, but prevents unlicensed gambling operators from accepting online sports wagers.

Legal Sports Betting Age For Maryland Residents

If you are 21, you can gamble on all of the sports you wish as this is the age requirement in the state of Maryland. If you have not surpassed this age then we cannot recommend you try to start gambling online as you will ultimately have your account suspended, your money seized and you will no longer be able to recover your winnings or indeed your initial investment.

Mobile Sports Betting In Maryland

Mobile Sports BettingOnline mobile sportsbooks are available for Maryland based sports bettors even though they do not have state-sanctioned options. There are offshore betting sites that accept Maryland bettors and because of their locations offshore, the sportsbooks are not operating within the confines of United States law. Without having to deal with US law, the sports betting sites are usable as long as you are above the legal gambling age in your state. If you are above-said gambling age, all you have to do is use your phone’s web browser to visit the sportsbook you would like to visit to begin placing bets on the NFL in Maryland. They will provide you with a mobile version of their website, and you will be able to place bets on the next NFL game immediately.

Live Betting In Maryland

With all these options available on all these sportsbooks, live betting is one that sometimes players somehow forget about. This also a way fans can win money but this can end up being a lot more earnings than many bettors expect. On days like Sunday when there are multiple NFL games, live betting comes in handy and allows you to place a wager on one slight situation inside of different games. This means if you like how a drive is going, you can place a bet on that on how it ends and could be collecting money before the first quarter is over. Knowing that games can turn at any time, you can place your bet on a player's performance before the game starts to turn. These are just a few options that bettors have with live betting on any of the offshore sportsbooks we have recommended.

Banking Options For Maryland Sportsbooks

Money is one the main reason sports betting is very popular so knowing where your money is and how to deposit and withdraw it is very important. This is something that all online sportsbooks take serious and they make sure that all its players have a safe and comfortable process when it comes to these banking options. These options vary from different online sportsbooks and checking with your online sportsbooks is recommended. Many of these options will be on a lot of sportsbooks as they are trying to make it easy for all players using any online sports betting sites.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards will always be an option to deposit money on to your online sportsbook. The only knock on using them is that their not an option when it comes to withdrawals. Even with that, the funds will be available quickly using debit cards or credit cards.

Cryptocurrency is another option that many online sportsbooks promote. The way they promote this option is by usually offering more money to those who try to use the cryptocurrency option. Many online sportsbooks are wanting their players to use this option so there will be a lot of promotions and bonuses that come a lot with using this banking option.

Land Based Gambling In Maryland

Maryland residents only have access to a few different land-based gambling locations, most notably the race tracks and casinos around the state - including Pimlico. There are no land-based sportsbooks in Maryland just yet, as the state is still in the process of establishing the regulatory framework. For now, you are best off to stick to online sports betting if you want to put a few dollars on Maryland or get action on Baltimore Ravens betting odds for this week's game.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Maryland

1) What kind of trouble can I get into for Maryland online sports betting?

You cannot actually get in any trouble. We have found no laws in the state of Maryland that make it a crime to gamble online. There are no penalties set for sports bettors who use sites like MyBookie, BetOnline, and SportsBetting, making them a safe option for cashing in on both professional and collegiate matchups.

2) Do I have to call in my bets or can I place them directly through the website?

You have the option to do either, but we recommend using your computer. Sites like MyBookie will allow you to call in your bets but will usually set a higher limit for doing so. It also takes more time to place your bet over the phone because you may get stuck in a call que. Going through the website is usually an easier process and you can bet less if you’d like.

3) How long do deposits take to process?

This will all depend on the method you choose to deposit. If you are using a credit card, debit card, or Bitcoin, these deposits can be made instantly. However, they do come with maximum limits. Methods such as bank wire transfers offer higher limits but they will take longer to process and could potentially take over a week for the money to hit your sportsbook account.

4) Is there any possibility of identity theft with these gambling sites?

Identity theft is relatively unheard of through the gambling sites we have looked into. All of the operators take special security precautions and require verifications to keep your account secure. When you are in the process of making an account you will have to show proof of ID but that is so that someone else doesn’t make an account under your name. It protects the sportsbook and it protects you.

5) How am I supposed to receive my winnings through these gambling sites?

You will generally have to have a wire transfer shipped back to you, while you can also have a check cut. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies are a faster sportsbook payout option. When using cryptocurrencies, you can expect your payout to reach your personal account within 24 hours depending on the amount you’re withdrawing.

6) If these sportsbooks also have casinos and poker rooms, do I have to have more than one account?

No. One account allows for all forms of gambling. However, it’s important to not that you can only have one account per site. This is a security measure for the sportsbook to ensure no one is tampering with their sports betting lines, racebooks, or other forms of gaming.

7) Is Bovada legal in Maryland?

At this time, Bovada Sportsbook does not accept any residents from Maryland due to difficulty with getting the most popular deposit/payout options to work. This is unfortunate but Maryland bettors can find what they are looking for at any other sportsbook listed on this website. The ones we listed have betting lines that can compete with the likes of Bovada and will often offer similar or if not the same odds.

8) My sportsbook says I have to be 18 to bet, but you say 21. Why?

You must always follow Maryland gambling laws in order to avoid getting in trouble. If the state requirements are higher, a sportsbook could, in theory, confiscate your money for underage gambling. Waiting until you’re 21 is the only way to avoid any trouble with the Maryland laws and or any trouble with an online offshore sportsbook.

9) Where do I have to go to file a complaint if necessary?

Any problems you have can be disputed directly through the sportsbook’s customer service department. You can contact them either by phone, email, social media, or on their direct chat service found on their site. Any incoming messages are usually answered within 24 hours of you sending them.

10) Where can I get my hands on a copy of the Maryland gambling laws for my own research?

You will have to find the Maryland legislature's website. We have provided a direct link to that site here. Once you’re on their site you can search any current statutes, or upcoming bills related to sports betting.