Baltimore Ravens - Lines, Spread, Super Bowl Odds

Baltimore Ravens betting odds are some of the most sought out odds for any NFL team. That is because having won a couple of Super Bowls builds up a fanbase outside of the state of Maryland and spreads it across the nation. However, in order to make the most out of every Ravens game, you should be well aware of what each wagering type means. Having a clear grasp of what you can do with your bets is key to becoming a successful sports bettor and will make watching your favorite NFL team all the more fun.

Baltimore RavensSo scroll down, check out what we have to offer, and get all of the info you want when it comes to betting on the Ravens.

The most popular time to bet on Baltimore will obviously be during the season. Baltimore Ravens games will have betting lines set for every game on the schedule. It even starts in the preseason for those of you who can't wait until the season kicks.

Best Sites For Wagering On Ravens Games

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Making Deposits + Withdrawals At Ravens Betting Sites

Making deposits at Ravens betting sites is a simple process that can be completed within a few minutes. Once you sign up at the online sportsbook, you will be prompted to make a deposit using one of several methods. We recommend making bitcoin sportsbook deposits because the method is quick and reliable. There are also no fees when you want to bet on the Baltimore Ravens with Bitcoin and you can usually get started with as little as $10. Other deposit options include credit cards, checks, and bank wire transfers. We suggest bank wires for high rollers because there is no limit to the amount that you can deposit. There will be additional deposit fees, but they are minimal compared to the amounts that you can transfer into your sports betting account.

Getting your money out is just as easy as getting your money in. Bitcoin users will get the fastest sportsbook payouts, with funds reaching your bitcoin wallet within 15 minutes of being processed. You can also request that your winnings be delivered via a paper check to your front door, which may take up to a week. If you deposit by credit card or bank wire, you may also request your winnings by the same method. Bank wires can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days on average.

Baltimore Ravens Wagering Types

While there can be dozens of wagering types throughout the course of the season or throughout the course of an individual game, there are three main Baltimore Ravens wagering types that you will continuously see. These include moneyline wagers, spread bets, and totals bets. These make up the foundations for almost every betting line you see so it will be paramount for you to understand before using on online offshore sports betting site.

Moneyline – This is the simplest bet type. You are simply choosing who you believe will win the game outright, no matter what the final score might be. This is also known as betting straight up. The favorite will be signaled with a minus sign, while the underdog will have a plus sign next to them. The numbers then indicate how much you have to bet in order to win a certain amount. For example, if the Ravens are favored at (-135) then you would have to bet 135 dollars just to win 100 dollars. If they were at (+135) betting odds then you would only have to wager 100 dollars in order to win 135 dollars.

Spread – When choosing to bet on the Baltimore Ravens spread, you will be more concerned with how much one team is favored over the other. For example, if the Ravens were favored at (-7) then they would need to win the game by more than 7 points in order for a bet on them to pay out. If they win the game but do so by less than 7 points, or if the other teams wins, the game then a bet on the opposing team would pay out.

Totals – When placing a totals bet you are not taking into account the winner of the game. You are simply predicting whether or not the combined point total from both teams is going to be over or under the number of points the sportsbook sets.

Baltimore Ravens Player Prop Bets

Prop betting lines for the Ravens are other types of betting lines formed for each game and during the season. Player props install Ravens betting odds for specific players based on their performance. You will find quarterback props, receiving props, and special teams props within this category. Check out a couple of general examples below.

Baltimore Ravens - Player Prop Examples

Total Passing Yards – Over/Under

You will often find a prop on the total passing yards for a certain play during a game. You will be betting on whether the player will go over or under the total set by the book. For this prop, you will want to consider the player’s average passing yards per game, how many passing yards the opponent is allowing per game, and also the league average.

How Many Touchdowns Will QB X Throw In The Game?

This is an over/under bet on the number of TD’s a player will throw during a game. You can take a look at the numbers and consider how the offense stacks up against the defense. If you know the Ravens are going up against a slower defense, consider that quarterbacks typically throw more touchdowns in this scenario.

Other common player props include total tackles and assists, total touchdown passes, total receptions, and total receiving yards.

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Baltimore Ravens - Team Prop Examples

Baltimore Ravens First Down Conversions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Over 13.5 First Down Conversions (-110)
  • Under 13.5 First Down Conversions (-110)

The more the offense stays on the field, the better chance to make first downs. Against the Steelers, bet on how many first downs Baltimore will muster. The line is set at 13.5, meaning 14 or more for the over total, and 13 or fewer for the under total.

Will The Baltimore Ravens Win The AFC North Division?

  • Yes +150

The AFC North is typically a tough division to win, and the Ravens will have betting odds installed for them to capture the division title. The payout in this example is at +150 or 3 to 2 odds. That means that for every $1 you bet, you make a $1.50 profit ($2.50 in total).

Baltimore Ravens - Live In Game Betting

Betting live on the NFL is becoming more and more popular every season, as online sportsbooks all over are getting in on the action. Baltimore Ravens live betting is a great option for bettors who like to be interactive, or who might have missed out on the chance to bet prior to kickoff. Wager on a bunch of prop bets that are formed, or different game lines that can be set. Live Betting for Ravens games are not available for every one of them, but there will definitely be some chances to take advantage.

Mobile NFL Betting On The Ravens

With mobile NFL betting, you can bet on the Baltimore Ravens betting odds from anywhere. Mobile sports betting brings all of the same online sportsbook features to your mobile device. All of the same Baltimore Ravens betting lines will be available with a wide variety of wagering options. Bet on the moneyline, point spread, or total of any Ravens matchup, and you can even parlay your bets. You do not need to search through the App Store or GooglePlay for mobile sportsbooks for betting on the Baltimore Ravens. Instead, you can visit any Ravens online sportsbook from your smartphone or tablet and use the mobile sports betting site. All of the top mobile sportsbooks are compatible with iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Other Ways To Wager On The Baltimore Ravens

One of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL is through Futures wagers. These include the odds for the Ravens to win the Super Bowl, as well as the AFC championship, their own division, and even for specific win totals. There are some great profits to be made potentially on the Super Bowl lines for the Ravens, especially as they change every week during the season. Oddsmakers are quick to jump both on and off the ship depending on how it's going. And during the offseason, there can be some big profit to be made as well.

Baltimore Ravens Betting Odds FAQ’s

What Is The Biggest Bet I Can Make On The Ravens?

The biggest bet that you can make on Baltimore Ravens betting odds will depend on the site that you use. Online sportsbooks will have maximum bet limits set based on the type of wager placed and even what night the game is played on. The maximum will be suitable for casual bettors, but high rollers can also contact customer service to see if raising the limit is possible. Ravens sports betting sites are typically willing to accommodate, especially if you have a history with using their online sportsbook.

Why Are There Different Ravens Betting Odds At Different Sites?

There are different Ravens betting odds at different sites because each online sportsbook can move lines as they see fit. The two main factors that go into setting the odds are what the expected outcome of the game is, and where the public is putting their money. The latter is what causes lines to shift in most cases, and this is why line shopping is important. Odds do not usually differ drastically between sites, but there may be differences that can add up to huge cost savings in the long run. You should always join more than one online sportsbook and shop lines for the best odds.

Should I Claim Bonuses At Ravens Sports Betting Sites?

Bonuses are an easy way to instantly boost your bankroll, and you will find that every Raven's sports betting site offers them. As long as you are able to meet the rollover requirements of a bonus, there is no harm in redeeming one. The rollover is the number of times that you must wager the total deposit plus bonus amount before requesting a withdrawal. There may also be a 30-day waiting period before you can cash out. With this knowledge in hand, you can feel free to claim whichever bonus fits your needs. You can use your bonus cash on Ravens betting odds along with any other team or sport offered at the site.

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