Navy Betting Lines

How To Bet On NavyNavy Betting lines are as available to you as any other American Athletic Conference team. In recent years the Navy football team has stirred a bit of noise not just from those who love our country but from those who love college football as a whole. Their annual game against Army provides a day to not only celebrate one of the most storied sporting events in the country but also a reminder of what our troops mean to the freedom of the US. One of those freedoms is the ability to bet on college sports through online offshore sportsbooks. These sites will offer Navy betting lines and give you a chance to win big on their victories.

These odds change throughout the season and their availability will depend on how well the team does throughout the season. The more people that tune into the Navy games then the more betting lines there will be. However, before you just start throwing money to these online sportsbooks, you should familiarize yourself with what these lines actually mean.

Best Sites For Wagering On Navy Games

When looking for the best sites for wagering on Navy Games you may be overwhelmed with what is available online. There are countless online offshore sportsbooks but not all of them are safe and not all of them come with quality customer service that you deserve. Through all of the sites we’ve tested we’ve narrowed it down to three online offshore sportsbooks that you should definitely use when looking to bet on Navy. Those include BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie. We’ll go into depth about two in particular to highlight the best features and what to look for when choosing a sportsbook. - Best Selection Of Navy Futures + Props

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline has long established itself as the go-to source for almost all types of bets. However, their sportsbook is unquestionably the industry standard. The site offers odds for all major American sports, international sports, indoor sports, but most importantly on Navy football. They offer these odds over mobile devices as well so no matter if you’re using your smartphone or tablet you can easily access all the best features of the site. One of those features includes live-betting. This means you can be at the stadium and bet on Navy through your smartphone in real time. Once you decide to join you will be greeted by a handsome Welcome Bonus. By using code BOL1000 you can earn 50% up to 1000 dollars on top of your initial deposit.

Sportsbetting.Ag - Early Odds For Navy Games Ready By Monday/Tuesday

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is a beloved online sportsbook by members of all levels. That is because not only do they offer fantastic customer service, but their deposit and withdrawal methods are extremely user-friendly. That is especially true when you want to use cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin as your main transactional method. Both deposits and withdrawals can be made in under 24 hours. SportsBetting even offers a 100% first-time crypto bonus. Just use the promo code 100CRYPTO on your first ever cryptocurrency deposit and receive a 100% bonus worth up to 1,000 dollars. SportsBetting also offers an extensive amount of wagering types for Navy, which is why so many fand have continued to come back to this online offshore sportsbook.

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Navy Wagering Types

The Navy wagering types that are available at online offshore sportsbooks are going to be very similar to the wagering types for other teams. That is because almost every team features the same three betting lines. Those include totals, spreads, and moneylines. These are the same three that you will see posted on a Vegas-style odds board and make up the bulk of all sports bets made. We’ve given a brief summary of each below.

Spread – The spread is usually the first betting line that is listed. It requires you to choose a team who you think will win by a certain amount of points or not lose by certain number points. For example, if Navy was playing against East Carolina and Navy was favored at (-5) then they would have to win the game by more than five points for them to win the bet. However, if they lose or if they win by less than five points then East Carolina would win the bet.

Moneyline – In this wagering type you are simply picking who you think is going to win the game, no matter what the final score might be. The odds will still be handicapped. For example, if Navy is favored to win the game at (-140) betting odds then you would have to pay 140 dollars just to win 100 dollars. The opposite is true if they have a plus sign next to them. You can wager less than 100 dollars, these numbers merely represent an easier way to view a percentage.

Totals – Placing a totals bet means guessing whether you think the combined total score of both teams will go over or under the amount set by the sportsbook. If Navy is playing in a game with a line set at 50.5 and you bet the over then you are expecting a fairly high scoring matchup.

Navy Player Prop Bets

Navy Player prop bets are more or less focused on an individual players performance rather than the outcome of the game. Navy could lose the match but if you bet the over for one of the Navy wide receivers total yards and he does, in fact, gain more than the line set then you would win the bet. These bet types are usually reserved for the skill positions in football, but they can vary. Here is a common example:

Navy - Player Prop Examples

  • Navy Quarterback Total Passing Yards – 255.5 Over/Under

In this example, if you bet the over you would be accepting the passing game for Navy to be great. If you recognize that the opposing defense has a week secondary than it may be a wise decision to bet the over. These wagering types are usually reserved for bigger games, but for conference games and bowl games you should be able to find them.

Navy - Team Prop Examples

Navy First Down Conversions vs. UCF Golden Knights

  • Over 13.5 First Down Conversions (-110)
  • Under 13.5 First Down Conversions (-110)

As you can see this wagering type is similar to the player prop bet, but the circumstances are related to a group of players instead of an individual one. It doesn’t matter who gets the first down, as long as someone on the Navy offense does.

Will Navy Win The American Athletic Conference?

  • Yes +150

While this is technically a team prop bet, it can also be classified as a future bet since it is something that might happen at a later date in time. This wagering type can be found before the season starts and usually pays out best then. As the season moves along then the odds for this will shift and either become more profitable or less profitable depending on how the team is playing.

Navy - Live In-Game Betting

How To Bet On NavyLive in-game betting is arguably the most exciting form of sports betting around. While most wagers close at the start of a game, live betting allows you to place a bet as the game is playing out in real time. If you think Navy is going to snag another interception than you can bet on it. If you think they’re going to score a touchdown on their current drive then you can bet on that too. These lines will continuously shift and change as the game goes on so if you see a betting opportunity you like then hop on it. This is a great way to make the most out of a predictable Navy game.

Mobile Betting On Navy

Mobile betting on Navy can be found at all of the online offshore sportsbooks that we recommend. Each of them offers a mobile-friendly version of their site and some even offer apps that you can download straight from their site as well. This means you can access Navy betting lines whenever and wherever. As long as you have an internet connection you can view current odds, fill out your betslip, and lock in your picks.

Navy Betting Odds FAQ’s

What Is The Biggest Bet I Can Make On Navy?

How To Bet On NavyThe biggest bet that you can make on Navy will depend on which online sportsbook you choose and which payment method you choose. Bank wire transfers are usually the best way to send the most to your account but those transactions can take over a week to process. Once your account is loaded it up you can bet as much as you want on any individual betting line.

Why Are There Different Navy Betting Odds At Different Sites?

There are different Navy betting odds at different sites because each site takes a unique approach to get an even number of bettors on both sides of a single betting line. They also do this in order to avoid a potential blunder and have to pay out more than they received. However, different lines on different sites work to your advantage. The more lines you can shop the better. You will be able to choose odds that you are most comfortable with and that may potentially pay you more per bet.

Should I Claim Bonuses At Navy Sports Betting Sites?

Of course, you should. There are plenty of bonuses that can be found at the online sportsbooks we recommended and receiving those bonuses could mean scoring a bigger payout than you might have gotten otherwise. It also gives you the chance to have funds to fall back on in case you are not able to cash in on your first few bets.

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