Sports Betting For Maryland Residents

Maryland sports bettors have the advantage of being able to participate without too many problems due to the nature of Internet gambling. If you live in the state of Maryland, you will not have to worry about being criminalized solely for playing the games that you wish.

We have done what we can in order to figure out what restrictions are in place against gamblers, and we can pretty much tell you that you will be able to bet on sports only by way of the Internet. The laws are briefly explained here as well as some of the better places where you can actually bet sports online in Maryland. If you use what we have to show you you should have very few problems winning money, as we are here to show you the best choices at your disposal.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Maryland?

There are actually two answers to the question over whether or not there is legal sports betting for Maryland residents. If you decide that you want to place a bet on sports with a person off the Internet then you could have charges brought against you.

On the other hand, if you bet online you are actually not breaking the law due to the lack of laws that have anything to do with wagering on sports over the Internet. So yes, you can legally wager on sports over the Internet in Maryland but you could have more trouble with depositing funds into your sports betting account than some users in other states.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Maryland Residents

There are plenty of betting sites open to Maryland residents, and we have personally tested each of these sites in order to figure out where we can start placing wagers. Each of these sites come with high reputations, total integrity and more than a handful of different betting options.

If you play with the options we have found, you will simply have to worry about what deposit method you want to use and where you want to lay your odds. Either way we promise that you will not have to deal with any nonsense or red-tape.

BetOnline - Features Earliest Weekly NFL Betting Lines

BetOnline SportsbookOk Maryland sports fans, the answer you have been looking for as far as which online sportsbook you should go with has been discovered... BetOnline's sportsbook provides the opportunity to place a bet on thousands of different lines formed. Best of all, it's legal to do, and all residents from Maryland are welcome to sign up.

Get in on the action today by creating an account. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and then you will be able to deposit funds into it to play for actual cash. Safe and quick deposit methods are found at BetOnline for Maryland residents. This includes Visa and American Express cards... but it's not just credit cards, but debit and prepaid versions of these cards too. Other ways include a Western Union wire transfer, and a MoneyGram which get money to the BetOnline cashier fast.

SportsBetting - Credit + Debit Works Great For MD Users

SportsBetting SportsbookThose who choose this sportsbook will find quality features across the board when betting at, and it's also a sports betting site that allows Maryland players to sign up for an account and legally place wagers on any of the betting lines available at this sportsbook. The minimum age to bet on sports at SportsBetting is 18 as set by the site's terms and conditions, but for Maryland players, the "legal" age to join is technically 21 years old.

One of the most notable features of include a great live betting section on site, where games in action can be bet as they are happening. This is one of the fastest growing sections of the sportsbook, and a section that many are excited about. To get the word out about their live betting section, is offering a free $25 bet on the first live wager placed for an account holder.

5Dimes - Don't Settle For Less Than The Best

5Dimes SportsbookMaryland is home to some historic athletes like Babe Ruth and Michael Phelps. There are also some great sporting venues in the state such as the Preakness Stakes and the Verizon center. It goes without saying that sports runs through the blood of the residents of the Old Line State, which is why we think everyone should check out 5Dimes. This is a legal US sports betting site that is free to join as long as you are over 18. We signed up a long time ago, and haven’t regretted a single day since.

5Dimes does many things right, but one of the best aspects of the site is the mobile betting option. This is a feature straight from the future that doesn’t involve a download or any hidden costs. With 5Dimes mobile betting, you can take the whole site with you wherever you go. Just log in to your account from your mobile device, and you will be betting in no time.

Best Maryland Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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Maryland Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Maryland residents are not subject to any laws specifically about sports gambling in the state of Maryland. We have looked through Maryland's state laws, section 12-10x in order to figure out whether or not our readers can be penalized for gambling online. We have come to the conclusion that it is legal for you to play under the pretense that there is nothing written specifically banning online gambling, and you can therefore not be penalized under a law that just doesn't exist.

On the federal level you are also not liability of the law. You will be able to bet without fear of the law that shook up the gambling industry in 2006 - the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This was only meant to block financial transactions from taking place, but it has nothing to do with the player. Feel free to participate without having to worry about being criminalized.

Legal Sports Betting Age For Maryland Residents

If you are 21, you can gamble on all of the sports you wish as this is the age requirement in the state of Maryland. IF you have not surpassed this age then we cannot recommend you try to start gambling online as you will ultimately have your account suspended, your money seized and you will no longer be able to recover your winnings or indeed your initial investment.

Land Based Gambling In Maryland

Maryland residents only have access to a few different land based gambling locations, most notably the race tracks around the state - including Pimlico. Sportsbooks are totally out of the question, so don't even think about it. You are best off to stick to online sports betting if you want put a few dollar on Maryland or get action on Baltimore Ravens betting odds for this week's game.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Maryland

Here are a few tips to help you out when betting on sports. It is very important that you research US online sportsbooks at websites like if you do not want to be cheated. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

1) What kind of trouble can I get into for Maryland online sports betting?

You cannot actually get in any trouble. We have found no laws int he state of Maryland that make it a crime to gamble online.

2) Do I have to call in my bets or can I place them directly through the website?

You have the option to do either, but we recommend using your computer.

3) How long do deposits take to process?

Your account will generally be funded instantly.

4) Is there any possibility of identity theft with these gambling sites?

No. Identity theft is unheard of through the gambling sites we have looked into.

5) How am I supposed to receive my winnings through these gambling sites?

You will generally have to have a wire transfer shipped backed to you, while you can also have a check cut. E-wallets also work.

6) If these sportsbooks also have casinos and poker rooms, do I have to have more than one account?

No. One account allows for all forms of gambling.

7) Is Bovada legal in Maryland?

At this time, Bovada Sportsbook does not accept any residents from Maryland due to difficulty with getting the most popular deposit / payout options to work. This is unfortunate but Maryland bettors can find what they are looking for at any other sportsbook listed on this website.

8) My sportsbook says I have to be 18 to bet, but you say 21. Why?

If the state requirements are higher, a sportsbook could in theory confiscate your money.

9) Where do I have to go to file a complaint if necessary?

Any problems you have can be disputed directly through the sportsbooks customer service department.

10) Where can I get my hands on a copy of the Maryland gambling laws for my own research?

You will have to find the Maryland legislature's website.